One of the last jobs I did before I started on my maternity leave, was a shoot for Kamille magazine on creative women. One of the women was director, editor, producer, journalist, writer and food blogger, Monica Csango. On her blog, Csangolicious you will find tons of unpretensious, good food and how to make it. The apple cake that she made when we were there (yes, we get to taste what we shoot), was one of the best I have ever tasted. Super moist and super tasty!
The recipe you can find on Osloby.no where she is also a guest blogger.
Unfortunately her blog is in Norwegian only, but I guess there are a few programs on the internet which can help you translate :-).

Photography: Trine Thorsen
Recipes: Monica Csango/Csangolicious

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  1. Love baking and definitely visiting her blog. Thanks for sharing. Got my eye on your next posts.

  2. I tasted that cake and it was awsomeeeee!!