Wonderful wallpapers

Wallpapers are hot and you can find them in all colors, patterns and variations. Even though I am not a wallpaper "gal" myself, my favourites are the "earthy" ones inspired by nature (surprised?). Despite my lack of lust for wallpapers (they are beautiful, I just think I would go bored with them very soon after I put them up), I couldn´t resist and HAD to take the strip of Andrew Martin´s "lumberjack"  home with me after the shoot, which now has its place in one corner of my living room (only for a short while though...).

These are a couple of images from a wallpaper shoot we did for this issue of Bo Bedre, Norway.
Want to know where they´re from? Leave a comment or send me an email and I´ll try to help you the best that I can.

Photography: Trine Thorsen
Styling: Hege Barnholt


Magic Marrakech

In a few weeks time, I am heading for Marrakech with my Icelandic agent, stylist, blogger and friend, Gerdur Hardardottir. Morrocco is one of my favourite places to travel with it its great contrasts, wonderful atmosphere, energy, smells and great light. Taking pictures here is just a thrill, with all the colours and the fantastic light flowing in everywhere.

These pictures are taken at Riad Enija, a 280 year old family palace where I stayed and photographed last time I was there. Once the glorius residence of King Kaid, the building was bought by a silk merchant in 1860, who renovated it and converted it into his own family retreat. Now the place is owned by the Swiss Ursula Haldimann, her Swedish husband Björn and their daughter, Enija Luna. This place really lives up to its philosophy; space and time unbound, a journey into the sublime realm of peace, reflection, self-discovery, tranquility, relaxation and pleasure. A dream!
On this coming trip we will photograph a few more wonderful riads. So look out for more posts from Marrakech later :-).

PS! I am considering holding a photography workshop in Marrakech in the spring of next year. Sounds interesting? Leave a comment here if it does, and I will contact you with further information.

Photography: Trine Thorsen
Styling: Jannicke Kråkvik


Sneak preview: Fab fluorecent

Not too long ago, stylist Kirsten and I visited ex- co employee at Kvist (now Bolina), ceramist,
Silje Aune Eriksen in her colourful home in Briskeby, Oslo.
 Her place is filled with colorful and humorous details and everywhere you lay your eyes, you´ll be suprised by a funny note, an animal of some sort and a great selection of cool design (chairs, lamps, tables and more) in the colors white, grey, black and neon pink. Silje is weak for ceramics (surprised?), and together with her own designs, her collectibles are neatly displayed throughout the apartment.
The feature will be out in Elle Decoration´s second issue of this year,
which will be out in the stores from February 27th.

Styling feature: Kirsten Visdal and Silje Aune Eriksen
Styling cover:  Jannicke Kråkvik
Photography: Trine Thorsen


Talking about...

Talking about black and white with the wooden dash, LOVELY isn´t it?

All images products to be found at Kvist.

Black & white (with a dash of wood)

Black and white combined is always chic and by adding a some wooden elements to it, I think it is even lovelier. The black and white calendar from Hay is still one of my favourites, but I think it is taken out of production :-(. I can´t seem to find it anywhere...

These images are a few in a series we did for Bonytt magazine earlier this year.

Photography: Trine Thorsewww.trinethorsen.comn
Styling: Kirsten Visdal


I´m in love

with this beautiful ceramic from Höganäs Keramik, designed by the Swedish design team Front, launched in 2010. I would love the teapot, in white matt or white blank (the grey I could also go for!), I can´t really decide... And of course the bowl, the coffee and tea mugs and the small plates that goes with. In 2011 they added more products to the series, and soon the new pitcher (bottom image) will be added and seen in the stores.