1 year anniversary!

One year has passed since I started blogging- and wow- what a year! I started out in Norwegian, then turned bilingual, but ended up writing in English only (writing in two languages is taking too much of my time...).
I have written 185 posts, received two blogger awards. Thank you French by design and Babyramen! I have 128 followers and many more readers. It´s just fantastic!!
Hope all of you will continue following me, and I´ll do my best to keep up with inspiring blogposts as often as possible, and hopefully some more from the house in the year to come.

Lots of love,
Trine :-)

Image found on Nikki Lynn´s photostream on Flickr.



Wallsticker have been around for a while now and more and more designers explore this world of endless oportunities. The French company, "Le Pré d´eau" is one of them. With a huge selection of cute drawings, quotes, poems, riddles and rhymes (mostly in french), they have a wide variety to choose from.

Images found on Le Pré déau

Paper or plastic?

If I would have to choose between products made out of paper or plastic, I would definately say I´m a paper girl. Just look at these wonderful creations from Japanese Onao. Their collection SIWA, made in collaboration with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa are just gobsmacking! The products are made from Naoron, a special paper developed by ONAO. The great thing about this amazing paper product is that it´s durable (does not tear easily) and washable! SIWA is the reversing of the characters in the word WASI (washi), which means "crinkle" in Japanese.

Images found on Onao.co.jp


Rut Kara´s house

The third home I visited when I was in Iceland last summer, was the home of Icelandic interior architect, Rut Kara.
The feature is now to be seen in Bo Bedre, Norway and will soon be printed in the Danish version also. I am very happy the way it turned out, and I guess Bo Bedre is also since it made this month´s cover ;-)

Photography: Trine Thorsen


Photography workshop

The last two days, my house has been filled the sweet girls from Norwegian Elle Interior (soon to be named Elle Decoration!). The reason for their visit has been a two days course in digital photography for beginners. Yesterday, after a day with lots of theoretic blabber about the difference between shutters and f-stops, we continued the evening with logs in the fireplace, a few glasses of chablis and a lovely vietnamese dinner (recipes to come!). Nice! Exhausted by all the numbers and new expressions, we all went down early, to wake up rested and ready for a new day of learning and teaching.
They headed back home this afternoon tired, but happy and with lots of new knowledge to bring in to their new discovered world of photography. We´ll hopefully see some great results on their blog after this!

PS! I am thinking about holding a course in photography for bloggers (In Norway only, I´m afraid),
so if you´re interested, please let me know and I´ll try to set one up.

Image by Sunny Papico found on Flickr!


Empty walls...

Still haven´t gotten around to put anything up on my walls and there´s many empty spaces to cover. As a photographer you might wonder why I don´t put any of my own images up, but there´s something about it... Don´t have The image of my own that I really like, so I guess I have to keep searching for the perfect one. I´m more in to photography and prints than paintings as artwork, so collages like this one from Base 212 is right up my alley!


My style...

After getting my things up from the basement and down from the loft, I guess it´s time to show you my style. Not a very colorful palette is there? :-) The walls are desperately waiting to become white, so is the floor, but I´m afraid that has to wait a little longer. Now I just want to enjoy having a livingroom without a kitchen area for a while, before I start tearing things apart again...

Photography: Trine Thorsen

I´m back!

My blog has definately been put aside lately, I have had too many projects going on so there hasn´t been much time. I´m sorry!

Here´s what happened...

My boyfriend went away on a three weeks trip to L.A, so I decided to get things organized while he was away (I guess to be nice, but also because I was fed up living like we have been the past 1 1/2 years. I took some action without him knowing... Oops! With great help from my wonderful mother we began working. The following three weeks we sanded and painted windows in the kitchen, unpacked tons of boxes with kitchen stuff, hung up lamps in several rooms, washed down walls, moved furnitures around (with help from great neighbours), sanded and painted the new built toilet upstairs etc. etc. It was hard work, but great fun to see the all the changes. Finished the last coat in the new toilet upstairs right in time, just one hour before my very tired and jetlagged man came in the door, and a very tired me kissed him hello and goodbye and left for Paris.
There´s still things missing (like cupboard doors, mouldings and the right countertop), but that´s ok. It´s definately a whole lot better than cooking my dinner in the living room and having to go down to the basement to get some water ;-)