Same same!

A tiny sneak peek....

One of the things I´ve been up to lately is a couple of phtoshoots for the spring issue of the Norwegian, Elle Interior. From April 26th, we will get to know them as Elle Decoration, as they change their name along with their sister magazines worldwide. It will be the same magazine, with the same inspiring features and with the same adorable and talented girls in the office.

Photography: Trine Thorsen
Styling: Tara Ballantyne

PS! If you´d like to get to know us better, take a look in the issue´s contributors page. You might find some juicy stuff you didn´t know about us ;-)

Pressing pause...

It has been years since I was able to just sit down and do nothing. To tell you the truth, I am not really good at it...My work, the house and blogging, three wonderful things that takes time- indivdually and together. I wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day, and I guess I am not the only one... There´s sooo many things I would love to photograph, blogposts I want to write and friends I would like to meet. Not to talk about the house I should have finished! So, with so many projects going on, it is obvious that the days are too short. Right now work is what´s taking most of my time which I really can´t complain about... There has been a couple of "silent" years so thank god it´s moving the right way!

This afternoon I´ll put work aside and practice "pressing pause". I am heading into blogland and staying here for a while. Maybe I need to be tied up, but I think not. I am sure the wonderful world of blogs out there will mesmerize me and keep me still...;-))


See the beauty!

Sometimes beautiful things are right in front of us, it is just a matter of seeing them... Like these images of an everyday sink taken by photographer Kristin Perers.


Want to learn photography?

I´ve been contacted by several people who are interested in learning photography, and have now been able to set a date for a workshop. The workshop will be held (in Norwegian only) on April 30th.and May 1st. (this year) at the beautiful Holmsbu Spa and Resort. There will be two fun days of learning and practicing photography, good food and socializing. If this could of your interest, please contact me at trine@trinethorsen.com, and I will send some more information about the program and the price.

Hope to see you there!

Image borrowed from Cuba Gallery´s photostream on Flickr.

Just like paradise?

I can´t wait to get my bathroom up and running, but when that will be, I don´t know for sure. But, what I´m definately having when the time is here is a bathtub, so I can defrost and reheat during our cold winters. Brrr... (I have an clawfoot tub waiting outside which is covered with tons of snow at the moment).

This beautiful bathroom is from the fantastic home of stylist Ingvild Flesland that I showed you a sneak peek on earlier. Love the beautiful and great idea of filling the room with plants and flowers, to get a feeling of being somewhere very excotic.

Me like alot!

Photography: Trine Thorsen