Me like!

I am one of those who like to stack away things that are ugly, and fire exstinguishers are one of them. In the last place I lived, the previous owner had made a wooden box to keep it in. I was a one happy girl when she let me keep it.The fireman though, wasn´t very happy when he came on his yearly visit to see that I had my safety equipment in place. In case of a fire, the exstinguishers should be handy at all times and seconds can matter when it comes to keeping the fire from spreading.

The Swedish father and son, Göran and Lucas Dahl shared my opinion that exstinguishers are not the prettiest thing there is, and wanted to do something about it. They idea of  making safe and approved exstinguishers in trendy colors and patterns came up, and here is the result. 

Give me a bunch of white ones (a silvergrey can also do!), and I´ll gladly have one on display in every  room of the house!

More colors and patterns on:


Last chance!

On this coming April 28th.and 29th., I am doing my last workshop in a year or so. If you have been  thinking about joining my course, this will be the last chance for a while. Having a baby in August, I guess it is going to keep me occupied for a while :-).
Set in wonderful Bikuben, in the small village of Tofte, there will be two days of learning the difference between shutters and f-stops, depth of field, composition, a few lighting techniques and a whole lot more!
Sounds fun? Pls.contact me for more information and prices.

PS! You are able to join only one day, even though I would recommend two.

Image by christopher Paul (Christopher Gulczynski), found on Flickr.


My porch

During the spring and summer months, in between renovating the house, photographying, photoshopping and whatnot, I spend as much time as I can on my wonderful porch. There, surrounded by lovely greens and my old nicknack, I am totally at peace. 
After a cold winter, it is now time to get my garden gloves and my things from the loft, and get the porch ready for yet another wonderful season.

Photography: Trine Thorsen
Styling: Christine Hærra

Totally blank!

There hasn´t been many blogposts lately, none in the last month to be correct. My excuse is not the work and going away, but the fact that I have had nothing to write about. Not that there´s not been anything to write about (actually it is the opposite... There are so much to write about!), my brain and my body has just taken some time off, and I have been totally blank.
Hopefully I am back to stay for a while now. I do have a busy spring though, with many big and exciting projects coming up. I am also expecting a baby girl in August, so if I am a little back and forth, pls.bear with me :-). 
Spring is here though, and spring gives me lots of energy. So watch out, I might bombard you with blogposts from now on ;-)