Totally blank!

There hasn´t been many blogposts lately, none in the last month to be correct. My excuse is not the work and going away, but the fact that I have had nothing to write about. Not that there´s not been anything to write about (actually it is the opposite... There are so much to write about!), my brain and my body has just taken some time off, and I have been totally blank.
Hopefully I am back to stay for a while now. I do have a busy spring though, with many big and exciting projects coming up. I am also expecting a baby girl in August, so if I am a little back and forth, pls.bear with me :-). 
Spring is here though, and spring gives me lots of energy. So watch out, I might bombard you with blogposts from now on ;-)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Gratulerer Trine! Så hyggelig å høre at dere blir tre:)

  2. I guess is contagious, I lost my inspiration too! mbuaaa I hope next week, we can both come back with some good ideas, hehe.