More from the orchard

Another feature that is out now (also done in the lovely apple orchard), and which made the cover, is a feature with twleve tips and ideas on how you can create a romantic and colorful environment with the optimal summer feeling in your own garden/backyard.

One of them a romantic swing made out of an old bamboo chair found in a local fleamarket.

The recipes and the "how to´s" can be found in this summer issue of BoligPluss which is out in the stores now.

Photography: Trine Thorsen
Styling: Krista Elvheim


Cool cradle...

I am trying not to buy everything new for the baby, and while searching the net for a bed/crib to renovate,  I found this cool cradle. The cradle from little green factory/Green Lullaby is made out of corrugated cardboard, and is designed to cater for the babies first few months. It is light and easy to assemble/disassemble without any tools, and therefor perfect for travelling. Worried about the safety of it? Don´t worry, it is protected by a unique non-toxic fire retardant and meets the European safety standards!

Definately on my wishlist!


Flower power!

Right outside my house, just divided by an old fence, is a wonderful apple orchard which is perfect for summery photoshoots (and great garden parties). Around this time last year, Tara and I moved some of my livingroom furnitures outside to create a colorful and romantic atmosphere. The topics was flowery, new fabrics and here are some of the pictures. Some of you might have seen it already as it is featured in Elle Decoration, Norway, which is out now. I am really happy how the pictures came out, and I guess Elle Decoration is too since it made the cover :-).

Photography: Trine Thorsen
Styling: Tara Ballantyne
Model: Frida H.A/Pholk


Busy bee...

I can´t seem to keep my promises and again there has been an absence when it comes to blogging (SO SORRY!!!).
My head and time has been filled with work, renovating and preparing for the little one that will arrive some time in August. Living in a house from 1920 there´s A LOT to be done... New bedroom, baby´s room, and hopefully a new bathroom later this fall.
Now, only a few weeks away, it is time to slow down and bloggging is a really good help to make me try and do so. Just need to find some interesting topics to blog about ;-).
Have to admit that I am spending a few hours a day searching the net and magazines for inspiration for our new rooms, and I have almost decided on the result. This is how I picture our bedroom will end up looking (a white and grey base), with our own designed bedside tables and closets. Can´t wait!

Image found on vtwonen.nl
Photography: Tjitske van Leeuwen
Styling: Marianne Luning