Busy bee...

I can´t seem to keep my promises and again there has been an absence when it comes to blogging (SO SORRY!!!).
My head and time has been filled with work, renovating and preparing for the little one that will arrive some time in August. Living in a house from 1920 there´s A LOT to be done... New bedroom, baby´s room, and hopefully a new bathroom later this fall.
Now, only a few weeks away, it is time to slow down and bloggging is a really good help to make me try and do so. Just need to find some interesting topics to blog about ;-).
Have to admit that I am spending a few hours a day searching the net and magazines for inspiration for our new rooms, and I have almost decided on the result. This is how I picture our bedroom will end up looking (a white and grey base), with our own designed bedside tables and closets. Can´t wait!

Image found on vtwonen.nl
Photography: Tjitske van Leeuwen
Styling: Marianne Luning

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  1. ohhh Grey?? is that a color you like??? hehe of course and it is contagious, since my house is now more grey than ever!!!haha cheers!! and I hope to see you soon.