Working girl!

The past few weeks have been hectic with loads of work to finish before everyone´s taking a few weeks off from the office. I started mine last Friday, but I have to say it has been all but a relaxing week. As a owner of a large renovating project my summer holiday is being spent working on the house. So far this week I have been painting a few windows, removed three layers of paint from an old door, started renovating our so called bathroom (which is still in an old washing room in the basement) and getting our dining room ready to be wallpapered (plastered, sanded and cleaned). In between some gardening that is... Phew!!! In addition, I´ve had my in-laws visiting which also means a whole lot more cooking and socializing than ususal. So, I hope I´m being exused for my lack of blogging ;-).

I will be continuing in the same vein a few more days, but if the weather permits it (doesn´t look so bright this coming week...), I will be treating myself to a few days off and hopefully a trip to the beach or two for some tanning and a dip in the ocean.

An a few hours in bed blogging of course...


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Been out of touch for a while... A few rainy days ahead and I promise I´ll catch up ;-)

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