Sneak preview: Fab fluorecent

Not too long ago, stylist Kirsten and I visited ex- co employee at Kvist (now Bolina), ceramist,
Silje Aune Eriksen in her colourful home in Briskeby, Oslo.
 Her place is filled with colorful and humorous details and everywhere you lay your eyes, you´ll be suprised by a funny note, an animal of some sort and a great selection of cool design (chairs, lamps, tables and more) in the colors white, grey, black and neon pink. Silje is weak for ceramics (surprised?), and together with her own designs, her collectibles are neatly displayed throughout the apartment.
The feature will be out in Elle Decoration´s second issue of this year,
which will be out in the stores from February 27th.

Styling feature: Kirsten Visdal and Silje Aune Eriksen
Styling cover:  Jannicke Kråkvik
Photography: Trine Thorsen

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