New doors?

I have scraped and removed paint from three doors in the house, and I´ve already had enough of it. There´s about seven left, and even though I am not going to continue the project until next summer 
( it´s easier to do it outside in nice weather), I have already started to dread all the work.
I like old doors better than new ones so I either have to stick with the job and the hours it is going to take, or come up with a better solution. In the 70´s and 80´s people used to put a piece of plywood on the doors to cover the flaking paint, and to get a new look, and that is what the owners did in this house too. Underneath the plywood are some beautiful, old doors that just needs a little bit (or actually quite a lot!) of renovating.

Maybe I can do the same, and instead of having a boring plywood door, glue one of these wallstickers from Bolia outside? At least they have a little bit more paint on them than my doors. Don´t think they come in the exact door size though, so I might have to photograph one of the doors I have already renovated, print them out and glue them on top of the plywood.

Images found on Bolia.com

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  1. How funny! I have exactly the same issue in my house! I have 5 doors and I have partially stripped 3 of them.....haven't taken them off the hinges ...have been using a heat gun to get through the layers of paint and varnish.....but get fed up after I've set the smoke alarm off for the umpteenth time!

    But we will, one day, have lovely freshly painted, original doors!