Busy bee...


Even though my boyfriend and have more than enough with work and the house, we have started on a new project, furniture making! Since I am so fortunate to have a very handy man, why not take advantage of that? Together we design and create simple and timeless furnitures in our workshop-the diningroom. Every week new furnitures are popping up around the house, and now we are even thinking about selling them. If we make it on time, we will attend DEJM (Designernes eget julemarked) on Dec.3rd.and 4th in Oslo, with a few samples and a lookbook of a few of the things we have, and can create. Our ideas is to make everything custom made of your choice, either it´s a bench, a kitchen shelf (or a table), a wood rack or a closet.

If this is anything of your interest, don´t hesitate to contact me by sending me and email.

Photography: Trine Thorsen

6 kommentarer:

  1. These are really something! Great work! Love love love the closet! Keep going guys =)

  2. Very Nice!! I love them all, and the pics are great!

  3. Vakkert! Utrolig flinke dere er. Og så hyggelig å kunne gjøre noe slik sammen. Håper jeg rekker å komme innom siste dagen på markedet.

  4. Så utrolig mye pent! ELSKER løsningen for å samle ved - både praktisk og vakkert, slipper å gå ut i skjulet for å hente ved to ganger om dagen slik som vi gjør nå.... Herlig!!