Wood works

I don´t there should be any doubt that my boyfriend and I are into wood these days... Tall and wide shelves, tall and narrow shelves, small shelves, tables, benches and consoles, we make it all! Common are simple furnitures with clean lines, mostly painted in white. Our favourites are the things we make to keep our logs in. Neatly stacked logs are so decorative, and with a piece like this you don´t need much more... Soon we will try and make a blog or a website with bigger images, sizes and prices. Until then, you´ll have to visit this blog for regular updates.

Photography: Trine Thorsen

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  1. I came across a couple photos of your benches on Pinterest and wanted to let you know they are truly beautiful! I'm all the way in Canada :( so probably too far to ship! But one person posted your last name as Thorsen and I just had to come and make a comment, especially when I saw you were a photographer. I am also one in Canada, and although my last name is now Balint, Thorsen is actually my maiden name. Just thought I would pop you a note and say hi! :) Happy New Year!

  2. Wow! That is really beautiful. The contrast in the woods is very complimentary. I love the added interest of the walnut.wood works in chennai