The last weeks has been filled with many exciting photoshoots, one of them a shoot for the next issue of Interiørmagasinet.

On Wednesday last week I filled my car wih my photogear and stylist Kirsten and designer/model/assistant, Heidi, theirs with lots of lovely things "farmer style". We met up in my favorite location, the wonderful home of Ingvild and Olaf, to shoot an inspirationl feature containing great textures and materials like bamboo, recycled wood, ceramics, linnen, cotton and hemp.

The magazine will be out on May 11th.

Photography: Trine Thorsen
Model/designer: Heidi Bjørnsdottir

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  1. Hei Trine. Jeg bare elsker dette huset og stedet, det må være mitt drømmehus og sted nr. 1... - herlige bilder,takk!