Cool kitchen stuff

If you have followed this blog for a while I guess you know that I have a new kitchen :-). When you have a new kitchen you dream of lots of nice new things to put in it. Have to admit that I wanted to keep most of the things I shot for this feature, and using the kitchen as location
didn´t make it any easier seeing how well the things fitted in. But, I was a very good girl and nothing was left behind when Tara left that same evening.

Well, except from the lamp, the table and the chair that is, because that was mine from the very start...


Photography: Trine Thorsen
Styling: Tara Ballantyne

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hei! Jeg lurer på hvor den fine lampen kan kjøpes jeg?!

  2. Jeg kjøpte den da butikken Jane Doe stengte, men jeg tror Kvist fører den enda. www.kvist-visdal.no. De har ikke butikk lenger men man kan handle alikevel ;-)