Life is beautiful!

Yesterday I saw a sad documentary on VG TV about a young girl´s struggle with cancer. She died last Sunday, 28 years old. Later, when I turned on the tv, they showed the movie "the Bucket list" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, a film about two older men who are terminally ill and has six more months to live. They decide to make the most out of it and starts to write a list of places to go and things to do before they "hit the bucket". 
 When I turned on my computer this morning there was an email saying a fellow photographer had passed away, 41 years of age. 

What is a little backache compared to this?

Life can take turns you never expect...

So live your life like there´s no tomorrow
Stop complaining about little things
Be positive
and be nice!

I definately will!

R.I.P Ida and Astrid 

Image by mimagirl on Flickr.

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