Spray it!

Being a fleamarket shopper I tend to come home with things that needs a little fixing. Either it is missing a screw, some glue or just a fresh layer of paint. Found these incredible handy cans of spray paint the other day. Check it out:

-it can be used on vinyl, plast, fiberglass, concrete, glass, metal, wicker and wood, and has an oil based formula for both indoor and outdoor use.

- it dries in as little as 30 minutes

- has a coverage area up to 35 sq ft. ( app. 3 sq meters)

- the 360 degree spray nozzle provides a fast and efficient coverage without loss of pressure

- has a finger shield that prevents drips and an ergonomic grip that helps your fingers from tiring

- a rust preventive formula

And last, but not least... the old fashion style makes them wonderful to look at!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor kjøper du denne??
    den vireker utrolig bra:))


  2. På Amzon.com. Linken ligger nederst i innlegget :-)