Another yardsale!

My last yard sale was quite a success and many people stopped by. The sun was shining, people were happy and so was I. It was so much fun that I have decided to do it again (still have a lot left!). This time together with a sweet neighbour I got to know that day + my good friend, Purpur´s Krista :-). She will be selling of leftovers from her wonderful shop that closed down last Friday.

The sale will be held in my garden in Bispeveien 8, this coming Saturday, July 2.nd from 12.00-18.00.

PS! It´s a big market (Toftedagen) downtown Tofte the same day, so why not take a family outing to Tofte with a stopover at wonderful Villa Malla on the way home? :-)

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  1. hmmm... I just might stop by ! ;)
    We had a yard sale this weekend - big fun!