Spring cleaning!

This weekend spring cleaning has been on the "to do list", and I must say I´m happy and exhausted (I looove getting the garden and the veranda ready for summer, especially after...). In lots of sunshine and with help from my wonderful mother, the lawn have been raked, the hedge trimmed and flowers planted. I´ve even had some time to gather a whole bunch of stuff from the loft and the basement to sell on my yard sale next weekend.

On Saturday May 7th. from 11.00- 17.00 and Sunday May 8th. from 11.00- 17.00, I will be selling off a bunch of stuff I have collected for a while. New stuff, old stuff, antiques, clothes, furnitures, pictures (photographs) and a whole lot more...
For those of you who lives nearby (or is thinking of taking a trip to the countryside), please stop by! Freshly brewed coffee and homemade cake will be awaiting :-).

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