Rut Kara´s house

The third home I visited when I was in Iceland last summer, was the home of Icelandic interior architect, Rut Kara.
The feature is now to be seen in Bo Bedre, Norway and will soon be printed in the Danish version also. I am very happy the way it turned out, and I guess Bo Bedre is also since it made this month´s cover ;-)

Photography: Trine Thorsen

3 kommentarer:

  1. lovely
    thank you for sharing!

    best wishes
    Open house

  2. nice house. very homy and full of little details!

  3. The mirror is fine and very elegant. Thanks for sharing photos of Rut Kara’s house. I love the black drawer cabinet. Such a design is my personal choice. I am planning to create a new look for my dressing room and that black cabinet will for sure be one of the concepts that I will incorporate. I hope I can find a similar design.