1 year anniversary!

One year has passed since I started blogging- and wow- what a year! I started out in Norwegian, then turned bilingual, but ended up writing in English only (writing in two languages is taking too much of my time...).
I have written 185 posts, received two blogger awards. Thank you French by design and Babyramen! I have 128 followers and many more readers. It´s just fantastic!!
Hope all of you will continue following me, and I´ll do my best to keep up with inspiring blogposts as often as possible, and hopefully some more from the house in the year to come.

Lots of love,
Trine :-)

Image found on Nikki Lynn´s photostream on Flickr.

3 kommentarer:

  1. wow - grattis!
    (første fargebilde?;-)

  2. congrats!!! that`s fantastic - i am happy with you :)

    i have to make party, too... take a look, if you want to.

    have a lovely week,

  3. Herlig blogg !!

    Legger meg til som følger..

    God tirsdag..