Photography workshop

The last two days, my house has been filled the sweet girls from Norwegian Elle Interior (soon to be named Elle Decoration!). The reason for their visit has been a two days course in digital photography for beginners. Yesterday, after a day with lots of theoretic blabber about the difference between shutters and f-stops, we continued the evening with logs in the fireplace, a few glasses of chablis and a lovely vietnamese dinner (recipes to come!). Nice! Exhausted by all the numbers and new expressions, we all went down early, to wake up rested and ready for a new day of learning and teaching.
They headed back home this afternoon tired, but happy and with lots of new knowledge to bring in to their new discovered world of photography. We´ll hopefully see some great results on their blog after this!

PS! I am thinking about holding a course in photography for bloggers (In Norway only, I´m afraid),
so if you´re interested, please let me know and I´ll try to set one up.

Image by Sunny Papico found on Flickr!

3 kommentarer:

  1. If I were in Norway, I'd sign up in a second. How great that must have been for those girls.

  2. Jeg er med Trine. Super ide.
    Klem alex

  3. Now there's an excuse to come to Norway ...I shoot mostly food, but am venturing into interiors. A great admirer of your work and definitely inspired by your beautiful photography...