Tamtaratamtaratam (drumroll...)

I have made a draw (or actually my boyfriend) in the competition of winning a workshop next weekend, and the name that appeared twice was Linda from Hviit. Congratulations! Guess you have to get your camera ready and mind set and clear because now you are going to learn the difference between shutters and f-stops;-).

Thank you very much Kathrine from Glimt for joining and making a post, and Demie from Paraphernalia for becoming a follower.

There are still a possibility to join the workshop, either one or two days. You can just send me an email if this sounds fun!

Image taken by Eugene Yurevich and found on flickr!

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  1. Åhhh for en lykke! Gleder meg som et barn på juleaften. Hipp hurra! Tuuusen takk til kjæresten din!