rust & rustic

As written in my profile, I am a big fan of old, rusty and rustic things. Every time I visit my local thrift store,  I look for something "new" to bring home to go with my collection. My last find was an old pair of scissors and a screw and bolt which both had no purpose than as decoration on one of my shelves. My good collegue and friend, stylist and designer Kari Delotis share the same passion, so we decided to do something on the theme. We gathered new and old rusty and rustic findings, and the result was these images that were featured in Interiørmagasinet earlier this fall.

Styling: Kari Delotis
Photography: Trine Thorsen

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  1. Du vet jeg elsker dette, Trine. Jeg håper ryggene er bedre, jeg gleder meg til vi plutselig skal jobbe sammen igjen :)