Low carb chocolate cake!

My mom makes the greatest "Texas" chocolate cake, which is always a huge hit when served. Since 
I´m trying to stick to a low carb lifestyle, I have tried to make her cake in a new, low carb, wheat free, dairy free and sugar free version. My version is also wonderful in taste 
(if you don´t use too much Stevia or Sukrin), and is wonderfully moist which  just gets better and better the longer it is kept in the fridge (easily 1-2 weeks!)

This is my version...

You do:

In a big pan, boil:

 400 gr of butter
4,5 dl water
8 tbsp cocoa

Remove the pan from the heat and add:

4,5 dl Sukrin (or other non sugar supplements)
2 tsp baking powder
3 tbsp coconut oil (Cocosa or other brands)
1 tsp salt
4,5 dl soy flour
4,5 dl almond flour (or grounded almonds) 
4 eggs
225 gr. soy sour creme (you can use regular sour cream if you prefer. NB! No low fat!)
1-2 tsp organic vanilla powder (can be bought in healthfoodstores)

Mix all the ingredients well. Cover a large baking pan with a baking sheet and pour mixture in. Turn the oven on 200 degrees Celsius and bake for 45-60 minutes. Make sure you don´t bake too long. The cake is supposed to be moist/raw when finished.


200 gr of butter
12 tbsp soy milk (vanilla flavoured is ok)
8 tbsp cocoa
250 gr Sukrin powdered sugar (or other powdered sugar alternatives)
2 tsp vanilla powder
3 drops Stevia Extract (vanilla or toffee), or rum essence if you can´t get a hold of Stevia (it is not sold in Norway)

Pour the frosting over the cake while still hot. Pinch small hole in the cake so the frosting will go deeper. Sprinkle with coconut flour and let it cool.

A great tip...

The cake is best when you freeze it and then defrost it again. A good advice is to slice the cake in to smaller pieces before you put it in the freezer. The cake is rich so you (or your guests) can usually only handle one piece of cake at a time (maybe two). The cake can be kept fresh and moist in an airtight container in the fridge up to two weeks.


PS! I have only baked this cake twice so I advice you to check the cake while in the oven. I feel like things tend to bake faster in my oven than recipes say, so I always keep an eye out so things don´t get baked too long. You don´t want the cake to be burnt or dry!

And since I´ve been experimenting with the ingredients it still might not be perfect. Sukrin tend to have a bitter, "cold" aftertaste, but adding Stevia extract to the frosting tend to take the aftertaste away. Add more Stevia extract if you can still taste it.


Stevia can not be bought in Norway, only on the internet. Check out iherb.com or google Stevia.

Coconut oil, vanilla powder, soy- and almond flour can be bought in any healthfood store.
Soy products can usually be found in grocery stores.  If not, healthfood stores sell them :-).

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  1. ha ha ha akkurat som om den vil vare to uker hos meg... borte på to dager, toppen. Dette må jeg prøve ut. Tusen takk Trine. Klem Linda

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    Må bare tipse om en nydelig salgsutstilling jeg så på filtvet fyr,om du ikke har fått det med deg. Åpent siste gang nå til helgen. En kunstner,husker ikke navnet.., som maler fantastisk fine jungel- og orkide-malerier. Må jo få meg seg det lille som skjer her uti distriktet;)

  3. yippee! this is the BEST EVER!!! Thanks for posting Trine!

  4. Mannen og jeg er noen fæle gottegriser. Det der så veldig gott ut! Det må jeg prøve, ska bare finne ut av hva sukrin heter på engelsk og om man kan få tak i det i butikkene her.